Challenging myself !

3 years now that I lauched this blog, and I realize that I hardly ever challenge myself like I used to…

I say, it’s time to stop being lazy !

From now on, and for the next two months, I will draw non stop everyday and be as creative as I can.

I will stop posting during this period, and come back on  May 03 2017 June 03 2017* with new and improve content !

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*EDIT : I will come back on June 03 2017. I need more time to try out new ideas ; also i’m preparing videos for the summer – but, with the free time to do so being very limited, i need to push the deadline for another month.

Merry Christmas ! (or whatever)

merry christmas drawing on A4 paper
© blackballoonz

Oh boy ; it’s that time of the year again !
so I made a (sh*tty) illustration, because that’s what you’re supposed to do I hear.

(love you all <3)