I‘m an artist born and raised near Paris, a city rich for its immense numbers of galleries and artists of all background. I draw inspiration from all the different artists i find online, or the one i meet in person. I usually like to tell a story through my work, although sometime i just sketch something for the sake of it.

“A monster’s worst fear is of being found

I’m a big fan of fables, fairy tales, legends, myth… Just anything that is close to the “paranormal” : the unseen, the things that may or may not exist, the monsters below your bed. That kind of thing. I always try to translate those aspects in my illustrations (to some extent) ; and while I do prefer  black & white, I’m also more and more interested on making illustrations with vibrant colors and a little “POP” to them.

This blog is where i put everything that comes to my mind, in every form. I thank every viewer, blog reader and art sharer. Your support is what drives me the most !

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