I LoooOOOOOooOOOoOOOOVe mob psycho, I’d say it’s even better than one punch man. Either way, here’s a fan art!

About Mob Psycho 100

I love One Punch Man, I really do, and while Mob is just as much of a comedy/ parody as OPM, I think it takes itself more seriously, considering the message it’s trying to send :

Being a better version of yourself, not using your natural talent, but through your own effort.

I think it’s a beautiful message, and it’s something I wish I had learned when I was still young. It’s also so much easier to get attached to Mob, because many are like us, fragile and insecure. And don’t forget about Top S tier Husbando: Reigen.

I could talk on and on about my love for Mob, but there are already so many video essays on youtube. Just go and watch any of those. I also have to give props for One, the creator. He’s not the best draftsman, but he is an excellent storyteller. I hope I can get to his level someday.

“Don’t do it Mob. When things go south, it’s ok to run away!”

Reigen Arataka

About the Illustration

The most annoying part of making this illustration was the background. I took so much time to do, it was just painful. I need to find a better way to make my background, more efficient and less time consuming.

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