Tribute to the world of Mario and Nintendo. My entire childhood!

About Mario/ Nintendo

I mean, who hasn’t played a nintendo game in their life ?

I grew up with Nintendo, starting with the Nintendo 64, then the GameCube, the DS, the Wii etc. I still don’t have the switch (’cause I’m poor. Some things never change I guess).

I think my first Mario game was Mario Kart on the N64, then, of course, Mario 64. It’s just a part of my childhood and to this day, Mario is still on top, with Zelda and others (of course, of course).

“It isn’t about “games”, for me, personally, and it never really was. It was about creating something, anything, far bigger than yourself. “

Shigeru Miyamoto

About the Illustration

I was very hesitant about the colors. I wasn’t sure what color palette to choose in order to give this lava-lamp effect to the background.

I ended up using every color on my watercolor set. Not the best solution, but the result is satisfying.

I went to look at the old school design of Mario for this one, specifically the colors, which are much less saturated. Hopefully, I managed to recreate that vibe here.

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