Back again to make another collage. It has been a long time since I’ve made one ; that’s a shame because I really like the process :

How it works!

When it comes to drawing or painting, I usually go by the book: sketching, inking, erasing, deep shadows, colors and then lighter shadows. And what makes it fun (at least to me) is trying to figure out how you’re gonna do this entire process with a specific idea in mind.

And of course, you can always up the ante by messing around with perspective. Just to make things a lot more challenging for yourself, and a lot more visually appealing to your audience.

Paper cutting

But when it comes to paper cutting, it’s another set of problem on your hands. For example, knowing what goes where : on the foreground, on the background ? Then you have  to think about colors and how they’re gonna blend in together. Carefully selecting the thickness of the paper…playing the thickness to create a nice and natural shadow drop etc.

That process is still new to me. And it’s very fun to do !


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