Parc des chanteraines drawing on paper
Some trees and flowers.

Alright, so lately I decide to go out and draw a bunch of stuff, and I found that pretty park. And it feels amazing, like way better than drawing with an image in front of my computer. I’m gonna do more, and try to draw everything I found on that park.

Sorry for the quality, again my camera just isn’t that good, but promise, next time the drawings should (hopefully) look good.


© MayIDrawYou

4 thoughts on “ Parc des Chanteraines – entrée ”

  1. It’s lovely to just take a piece a paper and a pencil and go out to draw. I do it during summers. It is indeed much better than drawing in front of a computer.Go out! Go out! 🙂


    1. Indeed, It just felt so refreshing, and sometimes I got to talk with people, it’s fun^^
      i’m definitely gonna do more, when i’ll have time. Next step : going into paris and draw everything I can haha


      1. hehe Paris sounds great for that. There are plenty of things you can draw there!


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