Green Gentleman Acrylic on paper
A whale floating and a doll watching.

Painting, Acrylic and watercolor on Paper.

Second entry for the Raising-Artists’ Colors Contest on Deviant Art.

This time I choose the color Green. It’s my second favorite color.
Again a little “intro” so I can explain how and why I did this painting.

Just like with my first entry, I did some research about This color and his signification.
It’s not a surprise to say that it is associated with plants, hope, luck, recovery and so on…
But what really catch my attention is that it is also associated with spring, water and revival.

For this one I decided to do something more relaxing, more “fantastic”. I really felt like green was the perfect color for everything that as a link with fantasy, whether it is a landscape, a portrait, an animal etc…
And since I love landscape and animals, the idea just crossed my mind instantly.

When it’s about a landscape, for some reason I always thought of adding floating fishes and whales, gliding on the sky. I can’t really explain why, I honestly have no idea.

So yeah, I immediately thought about painting a big ass landscape, mostly green, and then adding some whales and fishes, floating on the sky.
Unfortunately, I was really short in time and I couldn’t paint everything I wanted.
That’s the best I could do, only a whale, some plants and fishes.

So this painting is mainly about how I perceive green : a color that is relaxing, calming, that just makes you forget  about everything, that put you in a good mood, and what a better way to relax than seeing a whale floating on the sky?

I’ll probably do it again one day, and this time completely!

Enjoy, and thanks for watching!

© MayIDrawYou

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