Ode to despair explosions Acrylic on paper
Explosions of blood, coming from the chest of a wooden doll.

Painting, Acrylic on paper.

This painting was made as an entry for the raising-Artist’s colors contest on Deviant Art.

For this one I choose the color red, as it is my favorite color.
Before explaining the signification of this painting, I need to make a little “intro”.

I made a lot of research about the colors and their significations, It was a way for me to know more about them, but
also to inspire me.

So Red is basically about passion, sensuality and sexuality, but also danger and ban.
It can be seen as an energetic, warm and welcoming, reassuring and captivating color, or as a representation of
blood, hell and lust.

The most interesting part about red, is that it can influence our respiration. Seeing something red can
increase your heartbeat as well as your blood pressure. And that is what my painting is mainly about.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot, about my studies,about the choices I’ve made in my life, my past and future, my
hobbies and my passions and so on and on…. I even find myself thinking about the meaning of life, or at least of my

Thinking about all of that just makes me depressed, as I am completely lost in my studies, I still don’t know what
to do later in life, and keep changing university, trying to find something that I like. I’m so unsure about my future
too, I keep trying to imagine how my life could end, will it end well? will I be happy? Or maybe I’ll completely fail
and will be unhappy and depressed and miserable for the rest of my life?

I think that’s the kind of question that everyone asked himself in is life, and not just once. Some people did find the answers
and know what they want in their life, know what their life is about, and know how their future will be, others, like
me, keep trying to find answers, some even get desperate.

Thinking about all of that, for 5-6 months now, just doesn’t feels good. I think it is right to admit that anyone who’s
as lost as I am, will agree that it feels like being trapped, like we got no control over our life, like society put
a lot of pressure, and that sometime, we want to run away from our life and responsibilities, we just want to release
all that pressure, and basically let everything explode.

It was in that mood that I made this painting. This is the way I choose to represent that feeling of being trapped, of
having no control and being subjected to your own life, and to finally released everything, every emotions and feels,
every thoughts and preoccupations.
The wooden doll is us, as we’re just puppet of our life, and as red is about blood pressure and respirations, I made
everything explode from the chest of the doll, and let appear is heart.

Feeew, that was a long story huh, I’m pretty happy to submit my first entry to a contest, It’s not that great, but I’ve
done the best that I could, as I was short in time.

Anyhoo Enjoy, and thanks for watching!


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