Old man and his music drawing on A4 paper
An old man listening to some music.

Here’s another drawing, a “real” one. Didn’t post a complete drawing for a long time now, so here you go!

For this one I used, as always, a picture I saw on Flickr, I found it pretty neat so I draw it (yeah I’m just that simple-minded).

I put an effort on the clothes, try to make them as realistic as possible, and on the wrinkles, ’cause I really needed to work on that. I’m pretty proud of the result though (for once!).

Ref : http://www.flickr.com/photos/90559939@N00/13104964864/in/explore-2014-03-12

Also there’s to much light, sorry for that, couldn’t do better with the poor quality camera i got 😦


© MayIDrawYou

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