Bloom ink and watercolor on A4 paper.
A blossom of flowers. Some are gonna bloom!

This is a painting I have done sometimes ago now. It was originally posted on my Deviant Art, and was originally one of the my most viewed deviations. I decide to put it here, in case people want to see it 🙂

For this one I’ve been inspired by a lot of watercolor paintings I saw on Deviant Art. Mostly paintings featuring flowers, plants or landscapes. They were all so gorgeous and colorful, I just instantly wanted to do the same. So I found a picture of a blossom on Flickr (yep Flickr, like always =D ) and decide to paint it. The idea here was to make something really colorful, that looks really beautiful. I try to add as much color as possible, on the flower but also on the background. I use some ink to delimit the outline of the flowers. There’s kind of “watercolor wave” produced by some flowers, I tried here to make them alive, moving, breathing.

The Drip of watercolor  in the background is here because I always thought that it looks cool, there is no real meaning for this (you’re not disappointed are you?)

Go check it on my Deviant Art if you want :

Enjoy your day! 😉

© MayIDrawYou


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