Rude Journey Acrylic painting on A4 paper
Walking in a blizzard

This is also a painting I posted on my Deviant Art. This is actually one the very first painting I ever made using Acrylics.

Since it was my first time using acrylics I wanted to try painting a scenery. A little tour of Flickr and I found the picture I was looking for. A group of steer, travelling through the snow (it seemed like it was a storm but I’m not sure). I definitely loved this picture, mostly because you don’t see that kind of picture all the time.

The scenery was just so great to look at, I knew I had to paint it. It turns out pretty well and I actually like this one (usually I always hate everything I do, I have done hundreds of works and there’s like 4 or 5 drawing/painting that I liked so…..yeah =D ). If you look at it closely you can see some details that you might have missed 🙂

Here’s the painting on my Deviant Art :


© MayIDrawYou

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